Super addition to our team

January 21 2020

It's a pleasure to start off the new year introducing two new members of our team! A super warm welcome to Malin and Vishnu! 

Vishnu Priya Bhagavatula is our UX designer, who will see to it that we never let the user perspective out of sight. She joined us in December and comes from a position as test consultant at IKEA. She's a software engineer with skills in programming, UX/UI, algorithm development, agile scrum etc. In addition to this, she is a curiuos, creative person with a passion for the fast-paced world of technology. 

Malin Bengtsson joins the team full time February 1. She will be responsible for managing all our events, seminars, workshops, and similar projects. As well as adding muscles in the marketing communication area. Malin most recently comes from a position as receptionist within Lindab and, among others, brings values such as an open mind, service, structure, and initiative.

In other words, these two ladies fit right into our innovation team! 

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